Lindel Shepherds

Lindel Shepherds

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Welcome to our home on the web!

My name is Linda DeLarso and we are located in Southeast Pennsylvania , 1 hour outside Philadelphia.

Here at Lindel Shepherds our German Shepherds are first and foremost cherished family members, show /performance dogs second. We are a SMALL hobbyist, and our dogs live with us, not in runs or crates 24 hours a day. They are socialized, have manners and are JOY to live with!

Lindel Shepherds is committed to the German Shepherd as a Total Dog. Which combines Temperament, Intelligence, Sound mind and body with a drive that you can LIVE with! We use predominantly American bred lines with occasional West German Show lines.

We strive to produce a dog that is an ambassador for the German Shepherd Breed. A dog you can be proud of, with a family oriented temperament, easily trained, healthy, intelligent , striking physical beauty and correct conformation.

With limited breedings, We are proud to say that  our puppies have grown into wonderful examples of a true German Shepherd Dog. We have bred AKC Champions, Grand Champions, a #2 Select, Futurity /maturity placers, Search and Rescue Dogs, Cadaver Dogs, Obedience Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Dogs involved the 'Paws To Read Program', and just as important cherished members of the family and many Children’s Best Friend and Playmate.

We are proud of each and everyone!


We are serious about the German Shepherds health, so before any dog is brought into our breeding program besides having to pass our stringent temperament requirements all dogs are Hip certified through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals... OFA &

Parents have been DM tested and pups are not at risk of developing DM.

Much time and effort is taken into every litter we produce, so that we may have the best possible chance of producing Sound , Healthy, Lifelong companions.

Our dogs are:

 Temperament Certified through the GSDCA (TC)

Canine Good Citizen through the AKC (C.G.C)

Therapy Dog Certified ( TDI or TD)

OFA Certified or Preliminaries

We are Proud to be :

AKC Breeder of Merit


Signers of the Breeders Code of Ethics


We are members and Good standings of:

  1. German Shepherd Dog Club of America

  2. And

Delaware Valley German Shepherd Dog Club

Lindel was formerly known as

Jolin Shepherds.